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With superior service, commitment and active involvement in community development, we are determined to be a trusted partner for exporters in Indonesia. Together, let’s contribute to sustainable export growth!

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PT. Michael Global Trade Corp is an export trading company focused on providing international trade solutions to customers worldwide. Supported by an experienced team, we are committed to providing comprehensive services in

  • To become the best export company that provides the best service and is able to provide education to the international trade industry so as to support export growth in Indonesia.
  • To become the best export company with the best quality and service that is able to support export growth in Indonesia
  • Prioritizing quality in meeting customer needs.
  • Providing easy service with the principle of “Excellent Service” which is safe and professional.
  • Building partnership relationships to increase company value.
  • Become a good facilitator for MSME players in international market development.
  • Helps facilitate the commodity export process.
  • Become a global supplier of commodities

PT. Michael Global Trade Corp

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Our company offers a variety of services. We provide solutions tailored to each customer’s business needs and target market.

Export Trade

Product Procurement

Supply Chain Management

International Trade Consulting

Our product

PT. Michael Global Trade Corp specifically focuses on exporting high quality products, Our target market covers the whole world where we build long-term partnerships with customers and business partners.

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    About Michael Global Trade Corp

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    We excel at providing comprehensive international trade solutions, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and strong partnerships.

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    Our logistics services include packaging, shipping, inventory management and supply chain monitoring. We are committed to ensuring timely and safe delivery.

    We are committed to empowering local communities through participation in global supply chains, creating jobs and providing training to improve skills.

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    PT. Michael Global Trade Corp views international trade as a bridge to connect customers with global markets. We are committed to being a trusted partner in supporting business growth and meeting our customers’ international trade needs.

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